Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Twins turn TWO!

September 6th was the twins' second birthday!
Mikayla with her Tangled barbie.
She crouched down all cute for this pic.
Caleb got a "tar" (guitar) from Gpa/Gma Huntington. He loved it!
Thanks for celebrating with us!
Mikayla and her new shopping cart. She's been pushing it all around the neighborhood.
Caleb and daddy with his new Choo-choo train.
Cambria is so stinking cute. We call her "Bunny bunny foo-foo".
The twins think Cambria is their new playmate. The next few pics explain what they do for fun...

Might as well eat it, if the twins are shoving it in your face.
Yummy cake.
Mommy was having fun putting the sugar things all over it. (Note: they don't taste good.) My fav part is the backwards #2. I didn't realize it until after.
Opening the presents from Drew and "Mamie" (Amy).
An impulse buy. It lasted 24 hrs. I realized I had 3 human babies already to take care of. The puppy seemed to be the perfect solution to a bad day though. :)
I couldn't comb her hair--it looked too awesome!
All 4 grandkids at Gpa Tony's and Gma Jane's house.
Yes, he fell asleep like this.
Mikayla emptying ALL the tissues from the box.

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Tigger said...

Your twins are so CUTE! So is Cambria. She is darling. You guys should come down and visit some time. I have a pack and play and extra beds. :)