Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 Months & Going Strong!!!

View from the front door. Check out our hot mirror.

Our beautiful living room!

The freezing cold weather in Utah...

Mike and I have officially been married for 10 months now. Just a few more to go and we've hit our anniversary for the first time. An update on us:
Mike is taking a semester off at BYU to de-stress and refresh himself. He is continuing to work for the school district with the troubled kids. It's been a lot of work and stressful at times, but he continues to be patient and a great help to the kids in the class. His presence keeps the program running. He also plays ward basketball to keep up his amazing skills and has been enjoying our Projector/Sound System we got for Christmas.
I am currently in the nursing program at UVSC. In 4 semesters I'll have my RN license. Mike and I have moved into the little house that Matt and Leigh lived in. It's been a lot of work to move in, but we've survived. Our favorite thing about living in our own home is we can be as loud as we want, without having to worry about the "neighbors upstairs." We also love the pink leather sectional in the living room. We call it the "Flesh Couch" (Matt and Leigh really named it). Life has been full of blessings for us. We love life, our families, and of course, being married.