Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What happens when kids refuse to nap...

Happy Easter, Park Fun, and Twinners

Caleb's new favorite thing is to try riding on different objects. This time it happened to be Mikayla's baby.
He's growing so old. 19 months here.
Mikayla and her daddy.
The twins love to play "Ring-around-the-rosies". They are in their 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2' Dr. Seuss outfits here.
Easter at the Williams home. Notice the other set of twins, Miri and Izzy.
Easter egg hunt at Aunt Kathy's.
Mikayla was ecstatic about picking up all the candies from the ground.
Oh, the wonderful bubbles.
Mikayla's new friend, affectionately known as"Meow", of whom she will not part without.
In the van after visiting Gpa and Gma Williams. Mikayla has a black-eye here (left one) from playing with her pony. Its ear knicked her outer corner of her eye...and of course...the next day she had a black-eye. Poor little girl. It looks better now.
Caleb fell asleep in the van with his new toy from Gpa Williams.
Caleb on the slide at the Park.
Mikayla climbing at the park.
The twins with daddy at the park.
Mr. Caleb, who is probably supposed to be sleeping here.
The big 32 week pregnant mommy of one baby. I'm eating a yummy fruit roll-up here.