Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hobbit Sister

After watching Lord of the Rings the other night, Mike surprised me by saying he thought my sister looked like Frodo Baggins. At first thought I didn't think so because Frodo is a male and my sister is obviously female. Although, once we placed their pics side by side, I realized their resemblance is amazingly similar! I don't know if it's the eyes or the cheekbones, but for some reason they look identical. Who would of thought my short sister even looks like a hobbit! (I love you Amy!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Arizona Part II

Mike, Annette, James and Dan hanging out in the living room.

Little Tira with socks on her hands. I don't know why she had them there.

James and Aunt Melissa.

James and Tira all dressed up in their Thomas the Train and Snow White costumes.

Static electricity...don't we just love it?

Of course, Tira needed to try too.

Mike and I had a really fun time at their house over the weekend. Annette, ever so kindly, made up our bed with "Twister" (the game) bedsheets to make our stay even more enjoyable... We ate a Brazilian dinner one night, in lieu of Mike's mission, and an Italian one the next. We also watched some old fashion show (that I surprisingly liked--it was in color) called "Support Your Local Sheriff" and played Scrabble and the game Operation. I did realize Mike needs to work on his fine motor skills a little more...he struggled with taking the bones out of the man. We had an awesome time and were greatful for the break before school.

Arizona Part I

Melissa and Mike on their way to Arizona...bored out of their minds.

"Sego Lillie," not to be confused with...

"Saguaro cactus!"

On Labor Day weekend, Mike and I drove the 10 hr drive to Arizona to visit my sister. On the way, I bet Mike $1 that the big green cactuses were called "Segolillies." (I swear I had learned that somewhere in one of my history classes growing up). He thought they were called "Saguaro" cacti. After calling our knowledgeable brother Dan, we found out Mike was right, so I owed him a buck. He bet me on the name of "Joshua trees" too, in which I also lost. I have learned from this experience that my husband has this well of knowledge that is extremely huge. I should never contradict him because he remembers the most random facts after hearing them once. (By the way, segolillies are the UT state flower).