Monday, August 10, 2009

Watermelon Belly

Just thought we'd post a few pics showing what a mommy pregnant with twins can expect....
#1 Watermelon Belly: These stretch marks erupted joke either.
#2: Closer view of the ugly stretch marks needing constant lotioning to aleviate the pain, stinging, and itchiness. (32 weeks here- compare to last blog only one week ago)

#3: Side profile of creeping stretch marks and low hanging belly. Thank goodness I can still manage to eat some things. I actually lost 1 lb these past two weeks, but apparently the babies are still growing which is good! (As of late I've only been able to consume about 1200 calories per day due to no stomach capacity. This adds to the light-headedness and feelings of blacking out quite often. Once again, it confines me to my bed).

#4: Endless bedrest with mounds of pillows: Somehow a pregnant woman has to get some sleep. Mike and I have figured out a way.... the high pillows help alleviate acid reflux and allow for comfort and easier positioning while sleeping.
Anyways, just thought we'd scare all you new moms with such fun things to look forward to. (Of course though, my pregnancy has been one of a kind.) We are currently 32 weeks and are hoping to make it to 34 weeks somehow. I just hope my stretch marks won't burst open....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 Weeks and counting...

This is a belly pregnant with twins at 31 weeks 1 day...a sight all women can look forward to if they want to have twins. Obviously, throughout this pregnancy, I have learned that my body was not meant to have two babies in me...but somehow it is working out. We just finished getting my 2nd Betamethasone shot from the hospital. (To enhance the babies' lung development). I have been regularly having contractions every day and have to take Nifedipine to stop them. The side effects of which are not very fun: dizziness, headache, and oh yeah more nausea. Yes, that thing in the middle is my belly button. My friend Kimchee looked aghast when she saw it and wondered what the heck it was.
This is a side profile of my belly at 31 weeks 1 day. Lovely stretch marks.

This is me at 29 weeks...just barely starting to get stretch marks. (And yes, I tend to wear this outfit a lot).

Another side profile to show my stretch marks on the other side (29 weeks). This pregnancy has been a horrible one. I just recently was released from the hospital for hard core nausea. I had to see a GI specialist and get blood work done. Lucky for me I got 4 hours of sleep (due to my IV pole beeping constantly) and my IV site got all red, inflamed and swollen. Of course, the nurse then decided to reinsert another IV in which she was unsuccessful and just caused me immense pain. (This was Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st). Sunday, I went in to the hospital for painful contractions only to learn I had a small bladder infection as well. I now take Amoxicillin (antibiotic), Nifedipine (uterine relaxant), Prevacid (antiacid for heart burn), Unisom (for nausea), and Phenergan (for break-through nausea) on a daily basis. I hate drugs as it is...and dealing with all the wonderful side effects of more nausea and dizziness is no fun either.
Anyways, I should stop complaining. It has been a horrible pregancy. One I did not ever imagine could be possible. Occasionally I am blessed with one good day, and then have to deal with several awful days of nausea and trying to cope with life, while wishing this pregnancy was over. Of course though, my OBGYN says if my water does break early, they will keep me in the hospital until 34 weeks anyways while giving me bigger drugs to stop the contractions. Such is my life lately. I just cannot wait until this is over. It is horrible!
I am ever so greatful for my perfect husband, Mike, who has stood by me through it all. He has helped me immensely through every hard time. We call him my "built-in nurse." I am so greatful for him and all he does to help me. We are also greatful to all of you who keep us in your prayers and have served us in so many ways. Thank you so much. We are ever so greatful.