Saturday, March 26, 2011


Mikayla, Mike, and Caleb inside the "big, big ball" we bought from Costco. The babies love it!
Thought this might be a fun future Halloween costume!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naked Runners


Caleb's "cheeser" smile. He needs another hair-cut in this photo.
Mikayla's "cheeser" smile.
Caleb's first hair-cut by Gma Jane. (He looks a lot like my dad did in one of my dad's baby photos. Weird.)
Out in the wagon at Gpa Steve's and Gma Tifani's house.
Mikayla has developed this "attitude" lately. She definitely is establishing her independence by frequently saying, "No." She prefers to do most everything by herself.
Mikayla and Caleb at Great-Gma Grace's birthday party. (I tried matching their outfits for fun).

Mikayla with Aunt Taylor (or "Tay-Tay" as Mikayla calls her). Once again, another "Cheese!"

Mr. Caleb riding the big kitty. Caleb (and Mikayla) also love to ride on their daddy's back for horsey rides.

Didn't have a the necklace seemed to suffice.

Caleb and Mikayla in January 2011. Such cute babies!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mommy's Growing Belly

Here's the belly at 26 weeks 5 days. Nice and huge. Mikayla is in my arms doing her "cheeser" smile. I'm kind of worried this may be an awfully big baby....since Mike was like 10 pounds!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Growing Twins and Mommy's Growing Belly

Caleb and Mikayla at 18 months on March 6th, 2011.

Well, it's been a long time since I (Melissa) have updated my thoughts on this blog. Many things have happened in our little family that have kept us super busy (we call it "survival mode") over the past year and a half, which has also contributed to us not updating this blog as we'd have liked. I guess that's what happens when you have twins though. So here it goes to a FRESH start.

Babies were born on September 6th, 2009. Mommy Melissa had post-partum depression which lasted a whopping 8 months after that. Melissa finished nursing school and received her Associates in Science in Nursing at Utah Valley University, and began to work as an RN at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital on the Med-Surg floor. Mike, meanwhile, has been working hard in school in order to obtain great grades to apply for Medical School. Mike has wanted to be a Pediatritian as of late. He knows he is a "caregiver" and enjoys the helping professions. Being a daddy has been extremely natural to him, especially when the babies get sick or bonk their heads, he seems to have a wonderful calm about him and insight for caring for the twins. (These qualities would make him an excellent Pediatritian.)

Mike started to have back pain in March/April of 2010. He recieved an MRI which indicated he needed back surgery related to a largely slipped disc between L4-L5. The surgery occurred in July in which Mike recovered quite quickly.

The twins had their one year birthday on September 6th, 2010. We celebrated it at Gpa & Gma Williams' house. We had a special cake made for the twins with an edible photo of them on it (a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting). We rented a bouncy house sports castle and put it in the backyard for all the kids to play in. Caleb devoured his blue-iced cupcake, while Mikayla daintily (spelling?) licked the pink frosting off of hers. One week prior to their birthday, Caleb learned to walk. Mikayla followed two months later.

In October 2010, we found out (much to our surprise!) we were expecting baby #3. Melissa was coming home from work extremely nauseous, tired, and she expected something was up. When the pregnancy test came out positive, a baffled husband named Mike stated, "There's no way! That can't be a plus sign!" But, surprisingly, there was a way, and now baby #3 will be coming on June 20th, 2011.

In February 2011, we found out this special baby is a GIRL. This excited us due to the fact that Mikayla would do well with learning how to share more attention, and to keep the girl trend going in the Williams' family.

This past March, we sold the black Honda and purchased a blueish-purple Astro VAN from Gpa & Gma Thomas. Buying the van basically became a necessity as we realized there was absolutely no way to fit 3 car-seats in our tiny cars.

So, yes, we live the typical UTAH stereotype. Mike and I got married early at the ages of 21. We had twins within 2 years of marriage. We will be having baby #3 in June of this year (If you do the math that's three kids under the age of 2). And, we have now bought ourselves a VAN. Laugh all you want. One day we'll be rich and famous...and probably still living in Utah next to our parents. But, as for now, we are very happy and satisfied with what we've made of our lives, and look forward to how our lives will continue to turn out in the future.

Coming soon will be a pic of my vastly expanding belly. I've had a hard time being okay with pics taken of me since I have not lost all my baby weight from the prior pregnancy. We'll see....