Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

Happy family of 4 with babies in their new "bear" suits from Grandma Jane and Grandpa Tony.
The twins by each other. I'm not sure Caleb likes his suit....
Mikayla content as can be.
Caleb content as can be.
The twins. Mikayla is just a bit too serious here. Caleb is doing his half-smile.
Finger puppets from my sister Amy...like the best gifts ever!
Caleb after his bath.
Blessing day on November 1st. Both the twins like to sleep like this.
Proud parents of such sweet little angels.
Halloween costumes from Georgina, our next door neighbor.
Kimchee and Jake helping out. Thanks so much everyone for the continued support and help!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

24th Birthday Fun!

My favorite blueberry cake!
Family of 4
Sweet little Caleb drinking his bottle.
Twinners and I.
Funny Mike with sleeping twins. What a good daddy!
Happy family all together!
Annette with Mikayla.
More of the family.
Tony, Caleb, Annette, Tira, Amy, Mikayla posing for the pic.
My funny family.
James definitely loves parties!

This is for Amy. She thinks Mikayla looks like a bull-dog here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough of Them!

Caleb and Mikayla in boppy.

Mikayla hugging Caleb.

Twins sticking tongues out!

Cute little Caleb. He's finally starting to fill out his face.

Mikayla in her ducky outfit. (This one is for you Grandma Tifani!)

Grandma Jane with twins.

Grandpa Tony with twins. Both seem to like looking up at him.

Me and twinners.

The Twins laying by each other posing for the camera.

Funny little faces.

Mikayla and I. (It's weird because I look like a MOM now. I guess that change just takes place out of nowhere.) Also, daddy Mike wasn't here in the pics because he was at home busy studying his homework. We are so proud of him!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Caleb wondering why someone is holding a camera and not his bottle. He's also all decked out in his sports attire.
Our little "turtle" (aka "Chubby Bunny") getting her bath. Picture says it all...she's just so cute!

Chubby bunny dressed in her ladybug outfit. (This one's for you Kimchee!)

The twins right next to each other. Notice their crossed legs. I still wonder how they both fit in me.

Caleb trying to eat Mikayla....

Imagine them both saying, "Ta-dah!"

Two cute bundles of joy!

Once again....they are wondering when their next feeding is.

Mikayla sleeping with her one eye open. This happens to be a Huntington trait, we've since found out. It worries me that her eyes are going to dry out one of these days....jk.

Little Caleb. He likes sleeping with his arms out too.

Caleb in his boppy. He likes to sleep this way. I think he's absolutely irresistable in this pic!

The twinners with their blanket from our cousin Jenny! (Thanks so much!)

Caleb saying hi to the camera.

Don't ask us how she sleeps like this. She must be practicing her "I'm so intellectual" pose. (She tends to have a ton of different facial expressions and is in her own little world.)
The twinners dressed in their matching attire from Grandpa Steve and Grandma Tifani. (Contrary to Mikayla, when Caleb is awake he is very alert and aware of his surroundings. He smiles a ton and has two very cute dimples.)
Our two little matching burritos.