Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Thumb

The full and completed look.

I had to buy this cute little bug.

The right sided view of our flower bed.

So we decided to plant a flower bed in front of our home, it being our first one ever. With a little advice from Aunt Betsy, we gathered our tools, bought some pansies/petunias, and found about 100 pounds of turkey crap (aka Nutri-Mulch) to cover our front yard with. (Side note: We were glad to find that our turkey mulch contained "no human waste", thus helping with the smell.) In the end, our flower beds turned out beautimous (thanks to my hubby's strong muscles). We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will actually survive and not be wiped out by any April snow blizzards. (Another tip of advice we didn't know: "Don't plant flowers until AFTER Memorial day in May!" which was told to us by Donetta, my loving manager.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bearded hubby and Nursing Program

Well, I have two more weeks left of my first semester in the nursing program. Sadly to say it has reminded me a lot of Relief Society; our teachers bring treats to class often and enjoy telling personal stories the whole time. I wish lectures were more factual...then I'd actually feel they were worth going to. But, nonetheless, going to class will bring me a future in medicine, so if that's what it takes, I'll continue to go.
My hubby, Mike, has been growing a beard for the last two weeks since his soul has become crumpled from his job. Working with (or should I say "babysitting") rebellious teenagers all-day-every-day tends to take its toll. His beard has been a valiant attempt, but it still looks like a chicken that has only been half-plucked of its feathers. Not to mention the exfolliation I get every time I nuzzle up next to him (ouch!).
On the brighter side of things, we love a man named John Ravarino. Bless him and his posterity for giving us a bountiful tax return! We are forever indebted unto him.