Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hunnys Who Love Each Other

So, it has been a bit since we've updated due to our busy schedules in work and school. Here are some Christmas pictures that my sister Amy took. She's all into this photo stuff and is really talented, so we just had to get our pictures taken. Looking at the pic now, my shirt is like a putridy vomitty color...so flattering on me. My hunny buns looks great though.

Mike and I are really happy this semester is almost over! We just discovered he has 1.5 yrs left to graduate, and then comes grad school (we have no clue where that will take us). In 2 more semesters I will have my RN license. The annoying thing is when I do get that much desired license, I will have been in school for like 7 years...and most people are called doctors by then. (Plus I will only have my associates degree. Sad!) The journey of school seems like it will never be over; I guess that's why we're supposed to enjoy the journey...
We are very excited for the holiday season. My sister Annette & her fam will be coming to stay in December while Dan finishes his residency for Pharmacy school. We can't wait to hang with little Tira and James Caden. Also, Matt & Leigh had little Henry (Hal) Richard Williams. So that means we get to see them and finally hold the little guy. We love family time and are so proud of our families! One day, Mike and I will have a family of our own!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We tried to be somewhat festive this year and dress up for Halloween. We mulled through all of our options and decided to be Dwight and Angela from the TV show: The Office. We thought we looked pretty good.

We had a lot of fun turning my hair into Dwight's hair:

The side profile looks even better: