Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with the Fam...and baby Hal!

Mom and Andi cooking waffles for Christmas morning breakfast.

Too much excitement for Josie...

Derek, aka Legolas, firing his bow and arrow at intruders.

The intruders...aka Jake and Lacey...with the conquering Derek.

Mike LOVES to make sugar cookies (which tasted freakin awesome)!

Our little, cute, and beautimous Christmas tree.

Chacos for Christmas. Score.

High-heels for the first time ever! Walking in them is the next challenge...


Hair that Melissa HAD to bleach for fun.

Grand Finale: Melissa holding baby Hal for like 4 hours straight! Very therapeutic!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hunnys Who Love Each Other

So, it has been a bit since we've updated due to our busy schedules in work and school. Here are some Christmas pictures that my sister Amy took. She's all into this photo stuff and is really talented, so we just had to get our pictures taken. Looking at the pic now, my shirt is like a putridy vomitty flattering on me. My hunny buns looks great though.

Mike and I are really happy this semester is almost over! We just discovered he has 1.5 yrs left to graduate, and then comes grad school (we have no clue where that will take us). In 2 more semesters I will have my RN license. The annoying thing is when I do get that much desired license, I will have been in school for like 7 years...and most people are called doctors by then. (Plus I will only have my associates degree. Sad!) The journey of school seems like it will never be over; I guess that's why we're supposed to enjoy the journey...
We are very excited for the holiday season. My sister Annette & her fam will be coming to stay in December while Dan finishes his residency for Pharmacy school. We can't wait to hang with little Tira and James Caden. Also, Matt & Leigh had little Henry (Hal) Richard Williams. So that means we get to see them and finally hold the little guy. We love family time and are so proud of our families! One day, Mike and I will have a family of our own!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We tried to be somewhat festive this year and dress up for Halloween. We mulled through all of our options and decided to be Dwight and Angela from the TV show: The Office. We thought we looked pretty good.

We had a lot of fun turning my hair into Dwight's hair:

The side profile looks even better:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hobbit Sister

After watching Lord of the Rings the other night, Mike surprised me by saying he thought my sister looked like Frodo Baggins. At first thought I didn't think so because Frodo is a male and my sister is obviously female. Although, once we placed their pics side by side, I realized their resemblance is amazingly similar! I don't know if it's the eyes or the cheekbones, but for some reason they look identical. Who would of thought my short sister even looks like a hobbit! (I love you Amy!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Arizona Part II

Mike, Annette, James and Dan hanging out in the living room.

Little Tira with socks on her hands. I don't know why she had them there.

James and Aunt Melissa.

James and Tira all dressed up in their Thomas the Train and Snow White costumes.

Static electricity...don't we just love it?

Of course, Tira needed to try too.

Mike and I had a really fun time at their house over the weekend. Annette, ever so kindly, made up our bed with "Twister" (the game) bedsheets to make our stay even more enjoyable... We ate a Brazilian dinner one night, in lieu of Mike's mission, and an Italian one the next. We also watched some old fashion show (that I surprisingly liked--it was in color) called "Support Your Local Sheriff" and played Scrabble and the game Operation. I did realize Mike needs to work on his fine motor skills a little more...he struggled with taking the bones out of the man. We had an awesome time and were greatful for the break before school.

Arizona Part I

Melissa and Mike on their way to Arizona...bored out of their minds.

"Sego Lillie," not to be confused with...

"Saguaro cactus!"

On Labor Day weekend, Mike and I drove the 10 hr drive to Arizona to visit my sister. On the way, I bet Mike $1 that the big green cactuses were called "Segolillies." (I swear I had learned that somewhere in one of my history classes growing up). He thought they were called "Saguaro" cacti. After calling our knowledgeable brother Dan, we found out Mike was right, so I owed him a buck. He bet me on the name of "Joshua trees" too, in which I also lost. I have learned from this experience that my husband has this well of knowledge that is extremely huge. I should never contradict him because he remembers the most random facts after hearing them once. (By the way, segolillies are the UT state flower).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michigan Road Trip

Little Issac helping to load the moving van

After we got all packed up we stopped at a place called Warren Dunes.
Which is 1/2 campground. . .

. . . and 1/2 sandy beach on the shore of Lake Michigan

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Thumb

The full and completed look.

I had to buy this cute little bug.

The right sided view of our flower bed.

So we decided to plant a flower bed in front of our home, it being our first one ever. With a little advice from Aunt Betsy, we gathered our tools, bought some pansies/petunias, and found about 100 pounds of turkey crap (aka Nutri-Mulch) to cover our front yard with. (Side note: We were glad to find that our turkey mulch contained "no human waste", thus helping with the smell.) In the end, our flower beds turned out beautimous (thanks to my hubby's strong muscles). We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will actually survive and not be wiped out by any April snow blizzards. (Another tip of advice we didn't know: "Don't plant flowers until AFTER Memorial day in May!" which was told to us by Donetta, my loving manager.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bearded hubby and Nursing Program

Well, I have two more weeks left of my first semester in the nursing program. Sadly to say it has reminded me a lot of Relief Society; our teachers bring treats to class often and enjoy telling personal stories the whole time. I wish lectures were more factual...then I'd actually feel they were worth going to. But, nonetheless, going to class will bring me a future in medicine, so if that's what it takes, I'll continue to go.
My hubby, Mike, has been growing a beard for the last two weeks since his soul has become crumpled from his job. Working with (or should I say "babysitting") rebellious teenagers all-day-every-day tends to take its toll. His beard has been a valiant attempt, but it still looks like a chicken that has only been half-plucked of its feathers. Not to mention the exfolliation I get every time I nuzzle up next to him (ouch!).
On the brighter side of things, we love a man named John Ravarino. Bless him and his posterity for giving us a bountiful tax return! We are forever indebted unto him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 Months & Going Strong!!!

View from the front door. Check out our hot mirror.

Our beautiful living room!

The freezing cold weather in Utah...

Mike and I have officially been married for 10 months now. Just a few more to go and we've hit our anniversary for the first time. An update on us:
Mike is taking a semester off at BYU to de-stress and refresh himself. He is continuing to work for the school district with the troubled kids. It's been a lot of work and stressful at times, but he continues to be patient and a great help to the kids in the class. His presence keeps the program running. He also plays ward basketball to keep up his amazing skills and has been enjoying our Projector/Sound System we got for Christmas.
I am currently in the nursing program at UVSC. In 4 semesters I'll have my RN license. Mike and I have moved into the little house that Matt and Leigh lived in. It's been a lot of work to move in, but we've survived. Our favorite thing about living in our own home is we can be as loud as we want, without having to worry about the "neighbors upstairs." We also love the pink leather sectional in the living room. We call it the "Flesh Couch" (Matt and Leigh really named it). Life has been full of blessings for us. We love life, our families, and of course, being married.