Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog #2 in Same day

Our cute twinners in their outfits from Gma Jane. Love the little ears!
Twins showing their personalities.
Stroller ride with mommy!
Side view of stroller. Packing them up takes a lot of work!
Daddy with Caleb. Caleb is a beefy little guy.
Princess Mikayla in her outfit from Gma Tifani.
Twins in their car seats. Mikayla has her "big sister" shirt on here. She was born one minute earlier than Caleb.


The twinners about one week ago. They are so precious!
Mikayla has to get a helmet for her head. She has plagiocephally...which means her head hasn't formed correctly and is flat on her back right side. She was so sad, I felt so bad.
The nylon mesh prior to the fiberglass stuff.
Aunt Lacey with the twinners.
Caleb screaming. He loves to hear the sound of his voice and will scream just for fun...for forever.
Mommy and Caleb.
Daddy and Mikayla. She looks so small. Love the urp spot on daddy's shirt.
With twins you have to learn how to accomodate both while meeting their needs.

She looks like a little Mary in a Christmas pageant here. Just thought it was cute.

Birds-eye-view of the twins in their bumbos playing across from one another.

The twinners in their outfits from Gpa Steve. Caleb's face is funny here.
Jake's Birthday party at the Pizza Pie Cafe. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twin Babies

Caleb is getting so chubby! He is 4 months here.
Mikayla with her big blue eyes sitting in her bumbo. This is also her 4 month pic by my cell phone.

Mikayla and Caleb. It's fun to dress them up as dorks and they don't even know....
Bumbos! I can now play school with them or read them story books. They seem to really like them.
The twins love to eat each other while next to one another.
Holding cute. They are about 3 1/2 months here.
Grandma Grace holding Mikayla. She's giving her stink-eye look.
Tummy time for Mikayla. She sure hates it. Aunt Lacey seemed to know the trick though because she tolerated this time pretty well.
The favorite Johnny Jumper.
Once again, mommy and daddy are having a little too much fun.
Mikayla's "So Big" look!
The twins in their Winnie the Pooh outfits. How cute.