Saturday, September 29, 2007

House centipedes (aka "Daddy long-leg centipede alien bugs!")

Mike and I are still new at this blog stuff. But, life is good for us. We love being married and have so much fun together. We also love our little basement apartment we live in, even though it is infested with spiders and house centipedes. Mike has taught me to remember to scream, "Bug!" when I see one instead of just scream (sometimes he's left trying to figure out what I'm screaming at, and that can make his imagination wander too). Luckilly our house got sprayed so we've been okay for the time being. I'm getting better at facing my fears though.
Since we're the typical poor newly wed couple, we go on fun and cheap dates. Last night, Mike and I went to feed some ducks on the Provo River trail. We only had two pieces of bread, but the ducks didn't seem to mind. They got really close to us too. Our other dates consist of us driving to Cedar Hills to my dad's. We "rent" movies from him to save money and switch them out each time we visit. We also watch "The Office" with them, since it is our favorite TV show (and we don't have TV).
Other than our fun dates, Mike and I have been very busy with work and school. Mike works full time at Dixon and goes to BYU full time too. I've been going to school at UVSC and am in the process of applying to the nursing program. I work at an LTAC hospital PRN and work part-time at an apartment complex called Carriage Cove. (Honestly it's the easiest job I've ever had. I get paid to eat treats, answer the phone, and watch TV, along with a bit of other trivial tasks). But life is great for us. We're going on 6 months of marriage (almost 7) and are still going strong!!