Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bed Rest....

As many of you are well aware, I have been on bed rest for the past 2 weeks. After a scare of heavy bleeding on April 4th, we learned in the ER that I have a sub-chorionic hemorrhage. Medical professionals don't know what causes it. It just happens. According to my doctor the best possible treatment is bedrest and monitoring the babies via ultrasound.
As stressful and worrisome a time this has been, we have been very blessed to learn that our babies are alive and well. We also would like to thank everyone for all they've done for us in easing this burden. You have all been so kind and loving. Thanks for the dinners, visits, books, movies, house cleaning, words of encouragement, etc. We truly believe you are all angels. (This top pic is from one of my primary girls, named Ashley. She decorated an Easter egg at school and gave me her tulip. She said it was for me so I would remember her. She is 5.)
This is my bed-side table, full of books, movies, crosswords, aroma therapy, and more. Thanks again everyone!

I thought I might show some pics of my growing tummy and babies. (FYI, we were excited to find out Baby B is a girl!!! We finally broke the William's record! It actually is possible to have a female Williams. We still do not know the gender of Baby A. I think it's a boy--Mike of course thinks its a girl. We'll see...) In this pic I am 8 weeks (2 months) along!

I'm 12 weeks here (3 months). It was kinda hard to see with the shirt covering my tummy.

Here is a profile of the twins at 12 weeks.

I'm 14 weeks here (about 3.5 months). Starting to get some stretch marks.... Mike and I feel incredibly blessed to know our babies are doing well and are growing. They are really cute too. We have a VHS of the ultrasound, but first have to figure out how to show it on our blog. I'll leave that to Mike who is my skilled, resident nerd. (Just kidding--kind of. I love you!!!)

Ammon's Birthday Party

Crystal and Adam's little boy Ammon turned one on March 19th. All the girls got together to celebrate. It was lots of fun!

Of course all the "aunties" had to hold him! He has grown so much since we last saw him.

Paige and Ammon. Love his little hat.

Kimchee must have pinched him...he looks worried here. Just kidding, he loved her.

Crystal and Ammon. This was the cutest pic. She's such a good mommy! It was so much fun to get together with everyone!