Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Cambria and Twinners

Cambria Camille Williams
Born June 12, 2011
7 lbs 10 oz, 19 inches
Delivery was a succesful VBAC by a Certified Midwife. I only had to push 45 minutes. My goal was a natural birth, with an open mind to epidural if I felt I needed one. I made it to 7 cm dilation, +1 station, and had my water broken before I finally opted for one. For all of you women who have given birth're amazing!
Cambria's classic "furrowed brow" expression. It's as if she's always annoyed by us. Miss Mikayla in her pretty pink hat. Tangled is the twins new favorite ifs, ands, or "butts" about it.
Baby Cambria enjoying being outside. Her hair will probably turn reddish and then go blonde like her mommys did.
So many different expressions from this little face.Yum! Chocolate pudding. Mike and I thought the twins deserved a treat for doing so well adapting to new baby Cambria.
She looked like a hobo.
Funny mom chose my house to drop Nancy off at just after her wisdom teeth were removed. My mom went to pick up her prescriptions, and I enjoyed recording Nancy's weirdness from the medications on my blackberry. The videos are now on youtube...if any of you want a good laugh.
Caleb in his car seat.
Mikayla with her pretties from Gpa Steve.
Cambria eating her fingers.
I've been having fun decorating cupcakes with a new piping kit Mike bought me.
Sleeping little angel.
A little jaundiced, but super beautiful. She's been a great sleeper. When she was two days old, she slept 6 hrs straight. She has continued to only wake once per night. It's so great!
Mike and I call Cambria our little "robin baby who's always waiting for her worms!"
Brand new baby with tired, but proud daddy Mike.
Happy 26th Birthday Mike! We love you!
Mikayla preparing for baby Cambria by enjoying the uses of a car seat.
Poor Caleb. Mikayla likes to pick the "black" car Caleb gets stuck with the pink one.
Mikayla cheesing it.


Jen said...

Everything in this post is very exciting, but I am especially excited that you had a successful VBAC! That is so wonderful! She is a darling adorable little thing. Congratulations.

Becky said...

I love the pic. where Cambria has her fingers in her mouth. It looks almost like she's trying to whistle.
I'm glad the vbac worked for you. I had no such luck but I'm done now, 3 c-sections later with the scars and way too many stretchmarks!

Hope you are all well!

The Morrows said...

What a beautiful family! CONGRATS on your VBAC! You made it further than I did. They broke my water at 4 cm and then I wanted the epidural. Lol!

Tigger said...

Your new little Cambria is darling!
Congratulations! How is her mama doing? Well, I hope. :)

I love the picture of Nancy.